Woodpecker Uds-J Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Of Dental Equipment

Woodpecker Uds-J Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Of Dental Equipment

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Product Description

CE ISO FDA Woodpecker UDS-J Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Sealed Handpiece.
Automatic frequency tracking.
Automatically search the best working frequency.
Accurate feedback control and constant power.
Output, ensure a more comfortable feeling to patient. 

Power input: 110V-50Hz/60Hz  220V-240V~50Hz/60Hz
Main unit input: 24V-50Hz/60Hz 1.3A
Output power: 3W-20W
Frequency: 30kHz±3000kHz
Water pressure: 0.1bar-5bar(0.01Mpa-0.5Mpa)
Main unit weight: 0.8kg
Transformer weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 205mm×135mm×74mm


1. Three functions: Scaling, perio, Endo

2. Compatible with EMS's handpiece and tips

3. The handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durabiltiy

4. Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates little heat

5. Detachable handpiece, can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135° C and pressure of 0.22Mpa

6. The cable is made from silica gel tube, soft and durable

7.8. Eight pieces of scaler tips attached, 1PCS of E1, P1, P3, P4D, G1, G4, G5, G6

9. Digitally controlled, mostly efficient in scaling

10. The scope of oscillation amplitude is wider

11. The new design of electric valve, controlling the water better

12. User-friendly design, much more convenient when operating

13. Eliminating the dental calculus, bacterial plaque and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum or the enamel

14. Small volume, light weight, easy for operation and new shape, more beautiful

15. The inner water pipe is made from antisepic material, clinical fluids, such as Hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine and sodium Hypochlorite etc. May be used perfectly under the mode of auto-water supply system. So that the performance of perio and endo is improved dramatically.

16. Two modes of water supply: Purified water from out side or auto water supply

17. Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always work on the best frequency

18. The material made in America is appointed material of aero plastic components in Europe and America, which is FDA certificated

Technical specifications:

1. Power input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A (Max)

2. Main unit input: 30VDC 1.3A

3. Frequency: 28kHz± 3kHz

4. Water Pressure: 0.01MPa~0.5MPa

5. Main Unit Weight: 1.35kg

6. Adapter Weight: 0.3kg


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