3L LCD Display 3L Vacuum Steam Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

3L LCD Display 3L Vacuum Steam Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

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Product Code: Autoclave (Sterilizer) System
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Autoclave Sterilizer 3L Vacuum Steam 

Product Description

Autoclave Sterilizer 3L Vacuum Steam 
Power: 0.5KW
Voltage: 220v±22/110v±10
Sterilization temperature: 134ºC
Sterilization pressure: 0.22Mp
Sterilization time: 4min
Sterilization cycle time: 11min
Sterilizar volume: 3L
Required water: distilled water or purified water
Appearance size: 300*190*350mm
Outside dimension: 330*220*380mm
Product Features:
1. High-temperature, quick sterilization: Auto closed at high temperature 134 ° or less, 4 minutes steam sterilization, the sterilization process only needs 11 minutes, you can carry out 12 pics dental handpiece or two sets of sterilized dental instruments, can a small amount of dental equipment can be completed daily clinical operations. 
2. Easy to use: pneumatic power switch, the sterilizer door tighten, stop crying, said sterilization procedures start work immediately end disinfection crying, pressure approaching 0:00 to open the door to remove equipment. Fully automatic operation of the sterilization process, the temperature, pressure data LCD, auto exhaust after sterilization procedure is complete. 
3. Safe and reliable
*When the sterilization reaches 134 °, stupid and automatically stops heating equipment heating thermostat, pressure throughout the sterilization process has remained stable.
*The machine does not have a safety valve, if there's something wrong, like pressure in-cylinder is not normal, the exhaust valve will automatically release.
Sterilization using dentistry equipment, dental handpiece.

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